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Blank Inflatable Pipe Stoppers - Maximum Inflation Pressure 2.5bar

Blank Inflatable Pipe Stoppers - Maximum Inflation Pressure 2.5bar

Maximum Inflation Pressure 2.5bar**
Maximum Allowable Back Pressure 1 bar (10mtr head water)**
Wide expansion range will work in all types of pipe - 35mm up to 1,600mm
Can also be manufactured to fit Oval Pipes
Lightweight, most sizes can be installed by one person.
Reinforced Synthetic Rubber for maximum durability, grooved on the diameter to prevent slippage in the Pipe
Resistant to Waste Water, and can operate in Temperatures from -50C up to +80C.
Available Coated in Nitrile and Neoprene for Hydrocarbon applications
Steel Components are galvanised to prevent rusting

**Maximum inflation and back pressures are for stoppers fully inserted into the pipe and mechanically braced against slippage**

  • Part No. Pipe Size Internal Nominal Diameter Will Fit Pipes With Internal Diameter Minimum Insertion into Pipe Overall length Contact length Diameter of waterway Maximum allowable back pressure Approx. Weight
    AB150300025   150mm-300mm   550mm     1bar 2.10kgs
    AB300600025   300mm-600mm   800mm     1bar 4.50kgs
    AB3570030   35mm-70mm   210mm     1bar 0.30kgs
    AB5001000025   500mm-1000mm   1300mm     1bar 28.0kgs
    AB6001200025   600mm-1200mm   1300mm     1bar 26.50kgs
    AB70150025   70mm-150mm   370mm     1bar 0.60kgs
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