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Drain Tracing Dye

Drain Tracing Dye

Drain Tracing Dyes are supplied in 100gram & 200gram Poly-jars as standard in a range of 6 colours.
Larger tubs e.g. 1kg, 3kg, 5kg, 10kg can be supplied to order.

Drain Tracing Dye is used for detecting the flow of water in drains or pipes, identifying individual drain runs into a common gully, and tracing leaks in drains.

Green Dye contains 50% Flourescene.
The other colours are made from 100% food grade products.

The best method is to mix the Dye into a bucket of water, and then add to the flow of the drain. A 200 gram jar will trace up to 15,000 litres in chemical free water.

79191 - Red Dye, 200gram
79201 - Blue Dye, 200gram
79211 - Green Dye, 200gram
79221 - Yellow Dye, 200gram
79231 - Purple Dye, 200gram
79241 - Orange Dye, 200gram

79194 - Red Dye, 100gram
79204 - Blue Dye, 100gram
79214 - Green Dye, 100gram
79224 - Yellow Dye, 100gram
79234 - Purple Dye, 100gram
79244 - Orange Dye, 100gram

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