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End of Pipe Testing/Sealing Plugs

End of Pipe Testing/Sealing Plugs

For temporary sealing of new pipework on construction sites.
Easier to use than traditional Test Plugs – fit flush onto the end of the pipe.
Available from 50mm up to 300mm diameter.
Zinc plated – corrosion resistant to 90 hours salt spray test.
Carries the Horobin name – quality guaranteed.
Nominal pipe sizes, minimum and maximum pipe diameters each Plug will fit, maximum test pressure, and weight of Plug are below

It is the responsibility of the installer / operator to make sure the maximum allowed back pressure of HOROBIN pipe stoppers are not exceeded.
Please see maximum allowed back pressures in the table below

  • Part No. Pipe Size Internal Nominal Diameter Will Fit Pipes With Internal Diameter Minimum Insertion into Pipe Overall length Contact length Diameter of waterway Maximum allowable back pressure Approx. Weight
    73021/EP 50mm / 2" 50mm-61mm-61mm 33mm 81mm   1/2" 30psi 240g
    73041/EP 75mm / 3" 75mm-85mm-85mm 34mm 80mm   1/2" 20psi 330g
    73061/EP 100mm / 4" 94mm-108mm-108mm 37mm 81mm   1/2" 10psi 700g
    73091/EP 150mm / 6" 145mm-160mm-160mm 40mm 83mm   1/2" 10psi 750g
    73551/EP 200mm / 8" 195mm-215mm-215mm 37mm 130mm   1" 7psi 1.47kg
    73571/EP 250mm / 10" 245mm-260mm-260mm 55mm 150mm   1" 7psi 2.55kg
    73581/EP 300mm / 12" 296mm-320mm-320mm 85mm 150mm   1" 7psi 3.72kg
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