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High Pressure Testing Plug 350 Range

High Pressure Testing Plug 350 Range

For Pressure Testing and Temporary Sealing of Water, Gas, Oil and Sewerage Pipes of any material, from 3bar up to 16bar, depending on size of Pipe. Ideal for Pressure Testing Sewerage Pipes in accordance with the new European Standard EN1619

Pressure Plates are made of aluminium. Rubber seals are commercial grade rubber mouldings and Thrustwashers are fitted as standard on all sizes.

Pressure gauge can be fitted for ease of checking the pressure in the pipeline. Chemical resistant seals can be supplied

Appropriate bracing or support must be provided before applying any back pressure, in order to prevent risk of accident

  • Part No. Pipe Size Internal Nominal Diameter Will Fit Pipes With Internal Diameter Minimum Insertion into Pipe Overall length Contact length Diameter of waterway Maximum allowable back pressure Approx. Weight
    350/080 80mm 75mm-95mm 140mm 330mm   14mm 16bar 2.69kg
    350/090 90mm 85mm-105mm 140mm 330mm   14mm 16bar 2.79kg
    350/100 100mm 95mm-115mm 150mm 330mm   14mm 16bar 2.90kg
    350/110 110mm 105mm-125mm 150mm 330mm   14mm 15.5bar 3.15kg
    350/125 125mm 120mm-140mm 150mm 330mm   14mm 15bar 3.30kg
    350/140 140mm 135mm-145mm 150mm 330mm   14mm 14bar 3.62kg
    350/150 150mm 145mm-165mm 150mm 330mm   14mm 13bar 3.80kg
    350/160 160mm 155mm-175mm 150mm 330mm   14mm 12.5bar 4.00kg
    350/175 175mm 170mm-190mm 160mm 330mm   14mm 12bar 4.50kg
    350/190 190mm 185mm-205mm 160mm 365mm   18mm 12bar 6.03kg
    350/200 200mm 195mm-215mm 160mm 365mm   18mm 11.5bar 6.53kg
    350/210 210mm 205mm-225mm 160mm 365mm   18mm 11.2bar 6.85kg
    350/225 225mm 220mm-240mm 160mm 365mm   18mm 11bar 7.35kg
    350/250 250mm 245mm-265mm 160mm 385mm   23mm 10bar 10.00kg
    350/260 260mm 255mm-275mm 160mm 385mm   23mm 9.5bar 11.80kg
    350/300 300mm 295mm-315mm 165mm 385mm   23mm 9bar 13.40kg
    350/310 310mm 306mm-323mm 165mm 385mm   23mm 8.5bar 15.10kg
    350/325 325mm 320mm-335mm 165mm 435mm   23mm 8bar 18.60kg
    350/350 350mm 345mm-365mm 165mm 435mm   23mm 7bar 20.60kg
    350/400 400mm 395mm-415mm 200mm 435mm   23mm 6bar 23.50kg
    350/450 450mm 445mm-465mm 200mm 435mm   23mm 5bar 33.00kg
    350/500 500mm 495mm-515mm 200mm 435mm   23mm 4.5bar 40.00kg
    350/600 600mm 595mm-615mm 200mm 435mm   23mm 3bar 50.00kg
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