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How to set up an Air Test

How to set up an Air Test

Seal off the drain to be tested with the Drain Test Plugs or Bags. Ensure that the inside surface of the pipe is clean and smooth.

Remove the Blanking Cap from one Plug/Bag and replace it with the Nipple Cap.

Divide the Air Test Tubing into three lengths.

Fill the 'U' Air Gauge (Manometer) with water and equalise the level so that it reads zero on both sides of the clear U tubing.

Connect the Air Test Tubing via the 'Y' Piece to the Hand Bellow, the Drain Test Plugs/Bags and the 'U' Air Gauge as per the picture above.

Pump the Hand Bellow until a pressure reading 4" (100mm) of water is indicated on the 'U' Air Gauge. Allow about 5 minutes for stabilization of air temperature. Adjust the pressure back to 4" (100mm).

Without further pumping, the head of water should not fall by more than 1"/25mm within a 5 minute period.

Refer to B.S. 8005 1987: Part 1 section 5.14

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