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Inflatable Pipe Stoppers with Bypass
  • Inflatable Pipe Stoppers with Bypass

    Inflatable pipe stoppers with bypass for pressure testing pipes.
    Bags are fitted with a 50mm bypass.

    Maximum inflation pressure 1.5 bar.

    • Part No. Pipe Size Internal Nominal Diameter Will Fit Pipes With Internal Diameter Minimum Insertion into Pipe Overall length Contact length Diameter of waterway Maximum allowable back pressure Approx. Weight
      APB03570   35mm-70mm   140mm     10p.s.i 0.30kgs
      APB070150   70mm-150mm   400mm     10p.s.i 1.50kgs
      APB10002000   1000mm-2000mm   3100mm     10p.s.i 220.0kgs
      APB100200   100mm-200mm   500mm     10p.s.i 2.60kgs
      APB12003000   1200mm-3000mm   1320mm     7p.s.i 120kgs
      APB150300   150mm-300mm   580mm     10p.s.i 4.50kgs
      APB200400   200mm-400mm   680mm     10p.s.i 8.50kgs
      APB200500   200mm-500mm   820mm     10.p.s.i 9.50kgs
      APB300600   300mm-600mm   850mm     10p.s.i 15.20kgs
      APB5001000   500mm-1000mm   1320mm     10p.s.i 42.00kgs
      APB6001200   600mm-1200mm   1320mm     10p.s.i 50.00kgs
      APB8002000   800mm-2000mm   1320mm     7p.s.i 80kgs
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